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Asuna Client EULA
Let's keep this simple:

Upon purchasing Asuna client, you are legally bound to the following terms. By purchasing you agree that violation of these terms may lead to termination of your product license and forum account.

  1. You will not share or distribute Asuna Client, Asuna Client Installer, or any of the download links to anyone, physically or electronically.
  2. You will not decompile, attempt to decompile, deobfuscate, or attempt to deobfuscate any of Asuna's code or strings.
  3. You will not attempt to view Asuna Client's bytecode, or modify Asuna Client's bytecode.
  4. You will not receive a refund for any reason (unless there was a double-charge, for x reason), nor will you attempt to dispute or chargeback.
  5. You are responsible for any actions you take whilst using the Asuna Client, including those that may get you banned or muted on certain Minecraft Servers.
  6. Asuna Client will not transmit, process, or store any data from Minecraft itself. This includes the servers you play on, your account information, your location on servers, or the like. This will never change and will always remain like this, as we respect our users, and their privacy.
  7. You will not harass the developers of Asuna outside of Minecraft, or attempt to hurt them outside of Minecraft. (this includes doxing, swatting, pizza'ing, or the like).
  8. You will not attempt to deface the Asuna website, forums, or authentication servers. (this includes DDoSing, spamming, or the like).
  9. You must have permission from the holder of the PayPal account to make this purchase.

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