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Q: I need help with something or something isn't working correctly. Help!

A: Join our discord and tag a developer.


Q: My client won't launch! How to fix?

A: Go to .minecraft and delete all of the "ASUNA_???.txt" files and try again. If it still doesn't launch, delete the jarfile from .minecraft/versions and run the installer again.


Q: The ESP turns the entire entity white! Is this normal?

A: No, your optifine settings are messing with Minecraft. Turn off Fast Render and Fast Math and reboot the client.


Q: How do I add blocks to XRay?

A: -xray add <block>


Q: how do i remove blocks from xray?

A: -xray del <block>


Q: I found a bug. what do i do?

A: Report it on the discord server.

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